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Daisy No. 30 Model 24

The Mysterious No.30 Model 24

This has been the most mysterious Daisy in the CaliAir Collection. I have it listed as a 1924 variant however this may be older than that. Little information exists regarding this gun and readers with any more information on the Model 24 are encouraged to share their knowledge.

Not the original nut…
Not the original site post
The patent date 1904 to…

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The Best Pistol On The Planet

In this episode of the A.I.R. Show CaliAir shares his favorite pistol of all time… ok, one of his most favorite guns but certainly the most accurate and dependable pistols in The CaliAir Collection. Thanks to everyone for your likes and comments. We are almost at 1000 subs which means I’ll hopefully soon be able to do live streams like back in the good ol days!

[update: the P3 is sold elsewhere in the world as the HW 40 as pictured below: ]

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The Hatsan Carnivore 135

As a special treat today we will be plinking with the awesome Hatsan Carnivore 135 .30 cal break-barrel pellet carbine. This is a heavy gun but packs a nice wallop! I set the target out at about 20 yards and had to adjust my aim due to the closer than usual proximity. The rifle shoots better than me today and missing only gave me an excuse to Keep On Shootin!

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