IMG_7555This is the CaliAir Collection of mostly Daisy air rifles and pistols. The collection represented here is dynamic and may not represent the entire inventory at any given time.

This Daisy collection is focused on Plymouth Michigan guns from the late 1800’s up to the 1950’s prior to the manufacturing plant moving to Rogers Arkansas. Some of the Roger’s rifles and pistols have also made it into this collection.

As this collection unfolds to the public we will strive to include as many photos, specs, IMG_4257and most importantly history related to the gun. To this end we have referred to the usual but limited sources both online and in print. However our goal is to also gleem as much information and stories from fellow Daisy lovers so we can all learn and share from each others passion.

The CaliAir Collection is divided into the following categories:

Pump Action Guns – No. 25, Buck Jones
Lever Action Guns – Red Ryder, Lightning Loader
Break Action Barrel Guns – 1889, Model C, Model 20
Pistols – Targeteer, 188
Daisy Toys and Accessories – Buck Rogers, Buzz Barton